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Andro400One of the biggest concerns we have when reviewing supplements is when there is no ingredient list available. If you have to purchase a product in order to see the label that is usually not a good sign. Andro400 is one of those products.

The makers of Andro400 claim that their product will increase testosterone levels in the body which can improve sexual performance, increase muscle strength and size, add energy, and increase overall health. Sounds like a miracle pill right? Well there are some things you should know about Andro400 before spending the money.

The Good

We will start with the good side of Andro400. We were able to find one active ingredient included in Andro400 only because the makers of Andro400 rave about it. The ingredient is an extract of a southern Asian plant called pasak bumi.

Pasak bumi has been tested and used for centuries as a sexual enhancer and has been shown to increase testosterone levels. Also, pasak bumi does not inject testosterone into the body, but rather stimulate the pituitary gland to produce testosterone naturally in the body. Because it is natural, pasak bumi is considered generally safe and there have been no major side effects officially reported associated with the extract.

The Bad

The problem with Andro400 is that pasak bumi only increases testosterone levels. When testosterone is released into the body, enzymes called aromatase convert it into secondary hormones like estrogen and DHT. These secondary hormones have been shown to cause adverse effects like male pattern baldness and fat gain around the abdomen and pecs.

Additionally, one clinical trial showed that pasak bumi is poorly bioavailable when taken orally. Andro400 comes in oral capsules which means you have to consume relatively more amounts of Andro400 in order for the body to absorb an effective amount.

Most testosterone boosters, even the ones that contain pasak bumi, utilize additional ingredients for the sole purpose of hindering the transformation of testosterone into estrogen and DHT. This is important because adding testosterone isn’t always enough and Andro400 only claims to do just that and nothing else.

The Skinny

Andro400 does appear to increase overall testosterone levels among men and women, but the increase in testosterone appears to have adverse side effects that can actually make matters worse. If you are looking for a testosterone booster that inhibits the production of estrogen and DHT, then you should probably look elsewhere.

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