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Androbolix 300

Androbolix 300There are two things consumers want out of any dietary supplement, including testosterone boosters. First of all, they want the results the supplement claims to give. If it’s weight loss, the consumer expects to lose weight or if it’s an energy supplement you’d expect to receive a boost in energy. Second, you as a consumer don’t want to hassle of side effects. But is there a testosterone booster out there that can follow those criteria? The makers of Androbolix 300 claim that have made it.

Androbolix 300 was created by BioRhythm as a way to increase muscle mass and testosterone levels without causing any adverse side effects. But what makes it so special? We’re decided to look further into Androbolix 300’s formula and determine what we like and what we don’t like about the testosterone booster.

Under the Hood

Androbolix 300 contains all natural ingredients, which explains why the makers claim it has no side effects. Natural ingredients are arguably the safest way to go when it comes to any supplement because they typically act normally with the body’s functions. Here are the active ingredients we found in Androbolix:

Tribulus Terrestris: Said to stimulate testosterone production in the body. Not enough testing has been done to prove that. In fact, one test showed no significant increase in serum testosterone among active rugby players.

Eurycoma Longifolia: Extract of a flowering plant native to Malaysia, Indonesia and other tropical climates. E. Longfolia has been nicknamed “Longjack” among gym goers and is a popular ingredient used in numerous testosterone boosters.

Bioperine: Patented form of the black pepper extract, piperine. Its sole purpose is to increase the bioavailability (absorption efficiency) of Androbolix.

What We Like

As we stated earlier, Androbolix 300 contains ingredients that are natural and pose little risk of side effects. Also, it has a basic formula in which the ingredients serve an individual purpose. You won’t find a useless ingredient that was included simply to look good.

What We Dislike

With the potential Androbolix 300 has, there are some red flags that come up. First of all, while the ingredients are arguably effective, we’re not fully convinced from the test results that we found that you will actually see results.

Also, one bottle of Androbolix 300 will knock you back $129.99; a pretty pricey supplement when compared to other testosterone boosters.

Finally, the official website of BioRhythm admits to changing the formula of Androbolix 300 and the name to Androbolix 2000. This brings up a lot of questions and red flags.

What we Recommend

If you are going to spend $129.99 on a supplement, you are going to want to make sure it works. We can’t guarantee Androbolix 300 will, and frankly, neither can BioRhythm. We think it’s best to stay away from this testosterone booster.

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