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Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up

Made for energy, focus, and increased intensity, Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up is a post workout supplement for everybody. Makers do not focus on the idea that only professionals use this product. Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up promises that you can train smart, hard, and grow like a weed.

Whatever the effect though, Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up promises to provide you with the best natural ingredients for the least amount of money. At just $26.99 for a bottle that could last you a few months at a time, Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up is something of a steal.

Does Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up Have The Needed Ingredients?

Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up uses ingredients that have been tested before, and this formula covers a few bases. Ingredients like caffeine have an obvious effect, boosting energy levels. However, Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up also has amino acids and vitamins like Betaine and l-tyrosine that can protect healthy muscle mass.

Amino acids like l-tyrosine feed the muscles, preventing muscular breakdown after longer workouts and reducing muscle soreness at the same time. The Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up formula isn’t quite as extensive as a lot of other post workout formulas. The ingredients list is a lot shorter, but this blend does have one ingredient that you won’t find in any other post workout blend, at least not one that we have seen.

An Original Ingredient

Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up uses an ingredient called SerinAid, which is a patented form of phosphatidylserine. Normally, phosphatidylserine doesn’t have a big groundbreaking effect on the body. Some people consider this to be an essential nutrient, but it normally doesn’t affect workouts in one way or another.

In this patented form though, it’s a different story. SerinAid has been clinically proven to prevent memory loss and reduce high cortisol levels. More applicably though, SerinAid has also been clinically proven to enhance the effects of running, weightlifting, golf, basketball, and other athletic activities.


Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up is a cheaper blend with plenty of potential. Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up has both ordinary ingredients like caffeine and l-tyrosine and one ingredient that nobody would expect. Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up doesn’t have as complete an approach as some of the more popular blends.

This product could definitely use ingredients like guggul and more amino acids. However, the price and SerinAid in Applied Nutraceuticals Lit-Up gives us something to think about and possibly a post workout blend to try.

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