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Estrogenex is a supplement for men designed to help suppress estrogen in order to raise levels of testosterone. It’s formula is designed to block aromatase from converting testosterone into estrogen, block estrogen receptor sites, and raise levels of free testosterone by blocking the function of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). These are all approaches that have been effectively taken by other supplements. But does Estrogenex have the ingredients to recreate their success?


Estrogenex may have some decent ingredients but the first few on their list have no application to manipulating estrogen or raising testosterone. The primary ingredients in Estrogenex are listed as Chrysin and Green Tea extract. If these are the two main ingredients, you shouldn’t expect much from Estrogenex. Green Tea might be an effective antioxidant, energy booster, and calorie burner, but we have seen no evidence to conclude that it helps suppress estrogen or SHBG.

But while Green Tea is a bad addition to Estrogenex’s formula, Chrysin is even worse. Chrysin is compound that was once thought to inhibit aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. This conversion lowers levels of testosterone and brings down the body’s anabolic potential. Many studies in the Eighties verified that Chrysin could function in this manner under laboratory conditions. But unfortunately, no studies conducted among living organisms have shown that Chrysin can lower estrogen synthesis or raise testosterone in any way. This inability to function has led many experts to believe that Chrysin is unable to travel through cell membranes within the body, rendering it completely ineffective.


Relying so heavily on sub-par ingredients, we can safely say that Estrogenex is a supplement you should avoid trying. Its filler ingredients will undoubtedly decrease its ability to provide any results. Buying this kind of product just is not a cost effective way to spend your money. We recommend looking into other anti-estrogen supplements altogether.

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